It's election season, again.

The one thing about New Jersey is as soon as one election cycle is finished, we immediately gear up for the next one.

One of the reasons is that our legislative elections take place on odd years and don't line up with federal elections.

This year all 120 seats in the Legislature — 80 in the Assembly and 40 in the Senate — are on the ballot.

Although there is considerable momentum for candidates fighting for parental rights at the legislative level, there's a long road ahead to actually change the majority party.

As my wife Jodi and I make our way around the state with several events every day, including weekends, we're seeing the most energy, enthusiasm and passion for change at the community.

Candidates for school board, council, mayor and county commissioner

Bruno Mariano

Running for the Board of Education in Springfield, Union County.

He's running for parental rights as a dad of three kids.

The Springfield board passed the outrageous state BOE policy known as "5756" which excludes parents from the conversation about gender, even if their own kid, as young as FIVE YEARS OLD, wants to identify as another gender.

Rachel Rodriguez

Running for Council in Hopatcong, Sussex County.

She's a first-time candidate for office and she understands good government versus bad government.

Check 'em out on Facebook 'Bringing Hopatcong back to excellence' or on the website.

I had a great opportunity to speak at an event for Rachel and her running mates, Marie Galate for Mayor and Jennifer Johnson for Council, in Sussex County a few weeks ago.

Shalah Collins & Mary Jo Guinchard

Running for commissioner in Bergen County.

Shalah is running for commissioner because she's passionate to represent the people and after a win the goal is to change the balance of power!

7 Democrats occupy 7 seats.

Mary Jo and Shalah are running to restore balance and bring common sense and accountability back to Bergen.

Break the one-party system. Most important issue is children.

Michelle Stricchiola

Running for Board of Education in Hanover Township.

Students Matter Most slate including running mates William McCabe and Christoper Mattessich

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