Did you see the story about the teenage boys at the South Brunswick skate park who rallied around a 5 year old boy with autism? If not, you can see Dan Alexander's piece about it here. The boy was celebrating his birthday at the park, riding his scooter and the teens, instead of making fun of someone who was different, included him (his name is Carter) in their activities, sang “Happy Birthday” to him, and taught him how to ride a mini-skate board.

When Carter fell off the skateboard, they picked him up and helped him back on. The South Brunswick police department was so impressed that they offered the teens, whom they referred to as “superheroes," a pizza party to reward their compassion and thoughtfulness, but Carter’s mom, who recorded the kindness, didn’t know the boys’ names. Well, that mystery has been solved. The South Brunswick Police Department has identified the boys as:

Gavin Mabes
David Lakatos
Aaron Perna
Luis Velazquez
Damon Andon
Jiya Salman
Jessica George
Lauren Mazur
Samantha Schwab
Om Patel

Congratulations on being wonderful people, guys, and enjoy you pizza!

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