Back in 2012, I went for a physical and found out that I had something called atrial fibrillation, which I had opened up about . AFIB is where the heart beats irregularly as Dr. Sumeet Mainigi, who performed mine explains here. You can treat AFIB with a series of drugs and blood thinners, or as Mainigi explained to me, you can have an ablation where he actually goes into your heart through a series of tubes that come through the groin and fix the problem.

I was on board.

Back in 2013, the operation took over 6 hours and I was told there was a 75 percent chance of wiping out the AFIB. Afterward, my energy level went up and I ended up losing 30 pounds thanks to diet and exercise which I've kept off. Unfortunately, the AFIB came back causing me to have another ablation. This time it took little over an hour an after one day — I feel great!

I was told a second ablation, should you ever need one, gives you an 85 percent chance of keeping AFIB away. I'm looking forward to even more energy than I already have! Dr. Mainigi is the rock star of doctors and the people at Einsten are absolutely terrific, especially nurses Kristen and Judie.

I come from a family with a history of heart disease , which had taken my mother as well as both her parents. It's amazing how far they've come treating the heart and if you're dealing with atrial fibrillation like so many are, look at all the blood thinner commercials you see on TV. I highly recommend getting the ablation. You'll be so glad you did! It's truly a game changer!

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