First studies said eating red meat could kill you, but now it's okay in moderation. Carbohydrates were once on the nice list, but now they're on the naughty list. Thanks to the numerous nutritional studies that all say different things, we're left in almost a constant state of wonder as to which direction to take in our quest to be our most healthiest!

A recent study from the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University is turning some of what we thought we knew about nutrition on its head. Researchers studied diets of more than 135,000 people in 18 countries, and concluded that people who had a high fat intake fared better than those who ate less fat. Yes, you read that write. Eating a cheeseburger might be better for your health than eating a turkey sandwich. Go figure!

The study's lead author Mahshid Dehghan said those with a high-fat intake, about 35 percent of their daily diet intake, had an 18 percent lower risk of stroke, and a 23 percent risk of mortality, versus those who ate a low-fat diet. It's important to note that those found to have the lowest death risk also consumed three to four servings of vegetables, legumes, and fruits.

The study also found that people who shun saturated fats were found to be worse off those people who consumed them.

What's more, the study found that those that eat more fat and less carbohydrates are better off than those that eat more carbohydrates and less fat. Got that? In fact, a diet high in carbohydrates, consuming of more than 60 percent of energy intake, is related to higher mortality, according to the study.

And for those of you that always thought low-carbs diet were the best ... well think again. The researchers found no benefit to following a very low-carb diet.

So while we know cakes, cookies, and candy are never going to be on the "yes" list, it's interesting that it might be okay to have a steak — as long as you make sure you eat your vegetables and fruits too.

In this Forever 39 podcast episode, we tackle what it all means and the nutritional rules we think work best in our lives.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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