FLEMINGTON — Authorities are trying to figure out who's responsible for posting a sign outside a post office telling readers March is "Stop Blaming White People Month."

"Accept responsibility for your own bad choices. Hug a white person!" the sign goes on to say. Pictures of the sign spread on social media last week.

USPS Postal Inspector Greg Kliemisch told NJ.com the sign was put up sometime Thursday, but was taken down by employees. He said posting signs on the building at all is prohibited.

Kliemisch did not say whether cameras might have captured images of whomever posted the sign, the report said.

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"This is disturbing," Councilwoman Betsy Driver wrote on the Flemington Forward Facebook page. "And sadder is that the poster posted it ... as an 'lmao' item."

"Racism in our town exists, and the racists have been emboldened in the past year to fly their hateful flags a bit higher and yell a bit louder," she continued.

Dozens of residents expressed disgust or dismay in response.

"To each their own. My greater concern is what that person teaches his children," Adri Ennefus wrote.

Mark B Loizeaux questioned whether posting about the sign ran the risk "of giving additional exposure without changing anything."

"Ignorance is often best left alone," he wrote. "No one is changing his mind. Behaving well is more impactful than wringing our hands."

But Driver said she posted an image of the sign "Because racism in our community needs to be called out. Sweeping it under the rug or thinking it will go away if it is ignored does nothing but encourage those who think it is okay to say things like this."

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