GALLOWAY — Police at Stockton University are looking to identify three people suspected of posting white supremacist flyers on campus.

The flyers were placed around the university's campus Sunday night. They promoted a group called "Identity Evropa," which the Anti-Defamation League identifies as a white supremacist association.

The university says the posters were not authorized and were removed by Monday.

A surveillance system at the university has captured images of three people suspected of placing the flyers.

The university says campus police are working with the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office to explore possible charges.

The incident at Stockton is just the latest example of hate groups spreading flyers and other propaganda around New Jersey. In July, flyers were spread around Lakewood for a group known as Vanguard America. That same group also covered up a Holocaust memorial in the town with its own message. Flyers were also spread around Asbury Park over the summer with negative messages about Jews and Muslims.

Stockton is also not the first college to be hit by the flyers. Anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic flyers were found spread around the campus of Princeton University in April, just a few months after similar flyers were seen spread around the Rutgers campus in February.

Stockton University is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact its police department at 609 652-4390.

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