The thing I really love about Speaking Millennial is that it’s a chance for Bill, Jessica, and I to jump through all the topics that the radio format doesn’t really allow for.  For instance, this week we’re joined by radio legend (and Jessica’s mom’s favorite broadcaster… kinda), Steve Trevelise and the conversation veers from celebrities who smell, Ghanan pizza water, Hawaii Five-Oh, to Bruce Springsteen’s politics, and juice cleanses.

That’s right, on Speaking Millennial, we tackle the important issues that affect us every day.

Kidding aside, we’re proud of how the podcast is shaping up and are excited to share it with you guys every week.  If you’re enjoying it (or hey, even if you’re not), we ask you to please subscribe, rate, and review the show on iTunes.  It helps the podcast to be seen and for more fans to find us (or, if you hate us, a chance for more likeminded trolls to mock us on social media).

Oh, and to keep your appetite whetted (which somehow sounds dirty, even though it isn’t), here’s a taste of next week’s episode, which stars Miss New Jersey 2017 Kaitlyn Schoeffel.  She braved the world’s most humid studio to give us 40 solid minutes of quality pod.  Plus, when she found out how excited my daughter was that I’d be meeting a real life Pageant Winner (with a real life tiara and everything), Kaitlyn very graciously recorded a message for her.  Annabelle watched it, conservatively, 975 times, and we decided to share it with you below!

Enjoy this week’s episode and subscribe now so you don’t miss next week’s with Miss New Jersey, Kaitlyn Schoeffel!  Thanks for listening.

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