Ed Forchion, much better known as NJ's Weedman, remains in jail on witness tampering charges yet we still hear from him through email and snail mail. (By the way, the new bail reform laws should have had him out of jail pending trial as there was no violent crime here yet bail was denied.) So I'm sure we'll be hearing from Ed soon about the fact that Starbucks has sent him a cease and desist letter.

You see, last month Weedman renamed his marijuana themed eatery Weedbukx, complete with a very familiar green and white logo that looks strikingly similar to Starbucks. One difference of course is that it has in the center of the circle a likeness of Weedman himself (at least it looks like him to me) wearing a crown and smoking a joint. It didn't take long for Starbucks to pick up on the news coverage of the name change and now they're reacting.

A Starbucks corporate lawyer sent a letter basically telling him to knock it off, except putting it in much more lawyerly terms (lots of billable hours to draft this, of course). The letter spoke of "problematic signage" at the restaurant and offered that they "trust" it will be removed and expressed how much they looked forward to getting written confirmation to that effect. More on the Weedbukx logo and the legal challenge here from NJ.com.

The Weedbukx logo leaves little to the imagination. Not really any hidden messages here; it's all pretty blatant. But it made me think about how so many logos are cleverly designed with hidden messages that can work on a subliminal level. Here's just one example. Check out this video of 12 famous logos with very hidden messages. The very first one is McDonald's, and it completely blew my mind.