I'm not sure how you'd feel about this if you paid $800 for one seat at the Walter Kerr Theater to see Bruce on Broadway. Especially if you paid that kind of money for a ticket back in October of 2017 when it first started and no one knew the run would be extended so many times. But Springsteen on Broadway is now an album.

It's 16 tracks performed live at the Walter Kerr along with some story telling according to some published reports. The album comes out December 14 and his final show on Broadway is set for the next day. Then there's also this Netflix special of the whole thing we've been hearing about. Sure I realize nothing beats being there in person, but would people have felt as good about justifying an $800 ticket if they knew all this was coming?

By the way speaking of Springsteen's legendary story telling, I think I'm going to hold out for this even better album featured in this video.

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