That's right, all we were missing was the red wine. I'm not a big gambler, but when I gamble, it's all about wagering for food.

As a Red Sox fan working with Yankees and Mets fans, I find my self standing alone throughout the baseball season at NJ 101.5 with one great example, Dan Alexander, who also cheers on the Sox! So when it comes to series between the teams, I like to challenge the New York fans.

The Yankees and Red Sox played a two game series a couple weeks ago. Instead of betting on the wins and losses, news producer Patrick Lavery and I bet the over/under on total runs scored. The average MLB runs scored per game per team at the time was 4.6. So we rounded to 4.5 and said that the expected total runs would be 18 for both games.

I bet the under expecting that the Red Sox would have some trouble. Patrick bet the over. The total runs? 16. The win was sweet. Literally. Patrick paid up with a sausage sauce with sweet and hot sausage and we enjoyed an outstanding dinner for breakfast with the morning crew on Monday.

Photo: Kristen Accardi
Photo: Kristen Accardi

Get the recipe here:

The Yanks and the Sox play again in late May...any thoughts on our next bet?

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