You never know what you're gonna get on the podcast. This is especially true when I open up the morning show to a food contest, podcast recording and special guests.

The first annual "Mac and Cheese Day" was as huge success. My co-hosts Jessica and Jay joined me on the air Wednesday to discuss the podcast and the special clip at the end of the awarding of the trophy. ... Yes, it was a $0.79 box of elbow macaroni. Here's Jay's take:

Written by: Jay Black

You say "Mac and Cheese" and I hear "food of the gods." I don't think it's overstatement to say that if Zeus, Ra, and Vishnu were having a late-evening meeting, it's Mac and Cheese they'd be ordering for dinner.

So that's why today I'm pleased to announce the first part of our epic two-part Mac and Cheese Day podcast. You heard the results on the air with Bill, but now you can do a deep dive into the subtle machinations that took place behind the scenes. It's like seeing into the smoke-filled back room of a political party's candidate selection process, but with much greater stakes. Mac-and-Cheese-sized stakes!

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