Written by: Jay Black

This week's podcast guest, Eddie Jayy is very annoying.

This punk is taller, younger, and better looking than me. He's also nicer than I am, more talented, more thoughtful, and far more mature.

It's difficult having this podcast drop so close to my recent fill-in stint for Spadea on the morning show. After reading some of the twitter comments that our more conservative/less empathetic listeners made about me (my personal favorite: "Jay Black is... ick", which, incidentally, my wife *enthusiastically* agreed with), the last thing I needed was such a concrete reminder of my own shortcomings in the form of this week's interview.

But, alas, here we are. And, honestly, my own pain is your gain -- Eddie Jayy is the kind of millennial that will remind you that perseverance, hustle, and work ethic are not a product of age or generation, but rather a combination of upbringing and internal fortitude.

Eddie Jayy is the eldest of seven kids who lost both of his parents by the age of 21 and who has spent the last six years working at Brad Garrett's comedy club as a manager (where I met him), helping to take care of his younger siblings, and trying to launch his music career.

I sat down with Eddie Jayy in Las Vegas last month as he prepares for his move to Los Angeles and the next step of his life and career. He talks about his incredible life story, his plans for taking over the music industry, his relationship with Brad Garrett, and, of course, how creepy it is when you get a text message from me inviting you "up to my suite" for an interview.

I mean, "ick" is right.

Eddie Jayy is a can't-miss listen. He even went so far as to allow us to include one of his singles ("Wildest Dreamzzz feat. Brad Garrett and L.O.V.E" -- available to listen to HERE from his album "It All Falls" available to listen to HERE.

Check out Eddie Jayy's life and music this week! You won't regret it!

Also included this week is material recorded before the Millenns by Bill, Jessica, Vinnie Brand, and myself at The Stress Factory in New Brunsick. We're packed to the gills with material!

Not that I have gills. That would be icky. Ahem.

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