It was time. The pony tail had run its course.

Yesterday I took the plunge and invited my friend in to finally cut my hair. She's been cutting my hair for years and has since started her own "at-home" service since the governor shut down retail businesses and then only allowed slow and partial reopening. Can't have a successful business with limited capacity. So she changed her business model and works a few days in the salon and spends the rest of the time on the road.

It's a business model that many service providers have embraced as a way to survive and thrive in the reality of intrusive and oppressive government. For me, it makes getting normal activities done a lot easier, especially with my commitment to protest the mask nonsense by refusing to cover my face.

As far as the haircut, the before and after are a tad extreme and I can tell you that the family is happy that Dad finally decided to get a trim!

Spadea's BEFORE haircut photo
Spadea's AFTER haircut photo

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