Not so said caller Ty on the show Tuesday morning. He and his boyfriend got closer and bought a house as a result of his being furloughed as a wedding planner. If there's one thing a lockdown will prove, it's whether you're with the right person.

The conversation started after I got a call on the air Monday about a guy married 15 years at the breaking point with his wife as they fight over COVID restrictions. He supports my position, backed by endless facts and studies from some of the top medical pros in the world. His wife? Not so much! These kinds of disagreements are happening all over the state and country.

I can't remember a time that America was more divided. Seems that there are two groups of people: those who live in fear defining humanity as dangerous spreaders of disease & death and those of us who understand science, immune systems and the fact that exchanging germs and overcoming infections is a part of living life. It's difficult when you have one of each person in a two person relationship. One caller on Tuesday, Sam, explained that she and her husband are so divided that they are now in separate bedrooms. He even put a lock on his bedroom door.

It's sad to see so many good and smart people succumb to the fear mongering that the media has pushed since the outset of the pandemic. While the media provides Murphy with cover for his deadly policies, NJ is the deadliest state in America when it comes to reported COVID deaths. Despite the obvious failure of his policies, Murphy's lockdown continues. Sadly it is fueled less by his arrogance and ego and more by the cowardice and fear of so many NJ residents. I wonder how many relationships will survive and how many will succumb to irreconcilable differences before this all ends?

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