Who would have thought that a year ago when President Trump announced "15 days to stop the spread" that NJ would still be under lockdown restrictions a year later. But here we are.

That's right, An entire year has passed since the president made the announcement. And we now know that lockdowns and mask mandates imposed by governments across the nation had nearly zero impact in helping people avoid and recover from the virus.

The "curve," which we hear so much about, flattened in a similar pattern in lockdown states and states that remained relatively open. It flattened all the same in South Dakota, which never locked down and Sweden which bucked the panic trend in Europe forcing kids to stay in school throughout the pandemic. 365 days later, Sweden is moving along fine with nearly no "second wave" to speak of and South Dakota's economy is back stronger than ever and most of the country outside of NJ/NY is open for business.

Meanwhile crisis actor Phil Murphy is still double masking and holding people hostage over a vaccine that most simply don’t need. The proof is in the fact that as of last week only 10% of the state's residents are vaccinated yet the virus is nearly gone. Same in Florida and Texas. The difference in those states is people are unmasked and 100% back to their normal activities. Business is back around the country. Even the UK has declared a full, no restriction opening on June 21st.

Time for NJ to reject the panic peddling and fear mongering from Governor Murphy and his shills in the media. Stand up for yourself, take off the mask and get back to living your life.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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