In case you're not aware, we live in a representative republic. We have representatives, whom we've elected, and who vote on proposed bills. Then a governor signs them or will veto them.

What we have been living under for the last nine months, under the declaration of an emergency, is one-person rule. That one person is Gov. Phil Murphy. He has had the power to control every aspect of our life, and he has. Much like a king or dictator, what he orders is what we have to live with. No debate. No compromise. No say from anyone but him. Most people don't realize that this is extraordinarily unusual and dangerous.

We all realize that we are living in an unusual time and dealing with a new medical threat. We have lived through pandemics before, but never have governors and local officials taken such harsh actions concerning our liberty and freedom. Is that much of the population that scared that they would give up our entire system of checks and balances to hide from a virus? In New Jersey the answer is YES.

A bill (A-4147), sponsored by Republican Assemblyman Brian Bergen of Morris County, was tabled again this week. It would give the Legislature back some of its authority to represent us, their constituents. It simply required for the Kegislature to have a vote in any future executive orders after 14 days. The Democrats in the Assembly said NO.

This could happen during a Republican governorship, but that doesn't matter. The Democrats have a very healthy majority in the Legislature and will probably hold that majority FOREVER. And that's not an exaggeration. Even the state Senate president, Steve Sweeney, a Democrat, knows it's wrong to not let the people's representatives have a say in how we live our lives. Not many people will even notice that this is happening. After all, this is the second time this bill has been tabled. It was brought up back in May with the same result.

Whatever you think of the extreme measures the governor, on his own, it needs to be debated by the people we put in office to represent us. He has not only taken extreme measures, he's taken away your voice, your rights as a citizen of the state. Maybe you agree with the shutdowns and restrictions that have crippled our economy, disrupted our children's education and wreaked havoc on our mental and emotional health. But decisions that big and that impactful should be made by our representatives, not one person.

This should never happen again, no matter what the emergency. Limits on power are what made this country the best place to live on earth for the last 244 years. The problem is, people like Murphy don't think it's the best place. That's why he and his ilk are trying like hell to change it and turn it into their vision of Utopia. It doesn't work. Never has. Wake up and let your voice be heard, or just stay under your bed. You'll be safe there ... for now.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis’ own.

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