It's not easy to remain seed-oil-free and still enjoy fried food.

So many products contain all kinds of ingredients that we no longer eat and eating fried food out, you know most are fried in canola or vegetable oil.

So for us, I buy beef tallow, specifically a 48-ounce can of wagyu fat from a company in Chicago.

Although I'm not a big fan of eggplant, we get a ton from our farm box and from friends. So what makes everything taste better?

Frying it, of course.

I took several small purple and white eggplants and chopped off the top and bottom. Then I peeled them completely.

Each eggplant was sliced into discs about a quarter inch thick.

Spadea's end result (Photo via Bill Spadea)
Spadea's end result (Photo via Bill Spadea)

Then I whipped three eggs from our backyard chickens and dipped each piece.

Still wet with egg, each piece dropped into a plate with bread crumbs. We usually make our own from the leftover sourdough bread that Jodi makes, but there is one "safe" store-bought brand.

Panko, the one in the black box, has only a few ingredients and no seed oil.

I cut small slices of fresh mozzarella and set it aside.

Heat a few scoops of the tallow in a pan on a medium-high heat. The entire pan should be covered with a little depth.

Take the bread crumb-encrusted slices of eggplant and get 'em in the fat.

Cook until one side browns and then flip.

Season with kosher salt, crushed black pepper and a little cayenne pepper.

Once both sides are brown, take 'em out and plate them.

The tallow won't be greasy like vegetable oil, but place them on a paper towel to make sure. Then add kosher salt. Turn on the broiler in your oven and place the slices topping with the set-aside cheese and place in the middle rack.

This way, the cheese will melt but won't burn.

Serve with tomato sauce, or as is!


Photo via Canva and Bill Spadea
Photo via Canva and Bill Spadea

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