The Jersey Shore is back! Not talkng about Sandy recovery or the fact that the Summer unofficially started over the Memorial Day Weekend. I'm talkin' about Snooki, JWoww and Angelina! That's right, Jersey Shore is back and ready to show our state in the best light possible!

Well maybe not the best light, but I'm happy to admit that I'm a fan of celebrity reality TV and Jersey Shore in particular. Some people are upset thinking that the sow reflects poorly on our state and is further damaging our reputation. I say, that's ridiculous! Our state has a terrible reputation because of corrupt, money grabbing politicians, congestion, a poorly managed train system, outrageously high taxes, and Superfund sites just to name a few. The Jersey Shore reality TV show has nothing to do with the reputation we've earned over the decades.

Now although I don't think Governor Murphy has a clue on how to fix the state, (see PENSION CRISIS) he did get one thing right. He conditionally vetoed a bill that would restore tax incentives for film production companies to shoot their films in the Garden State. His reason? The bill doesn't include reality TV and it should. He's right about that. The money that can be generated from filming any entertainment show in the Garden State will serve as a true return on investment for any tax incentive offered by the state. Many states offer incentives to bring movies and shows inside their borders seeing millions in economic activity returned. In New York, it's been a huge success creating billions in new economic spending and tens of thousands of jobs.

Why not Jersey? We are in need of controlling spending and creating a business friendly environment that will create jobs and stimulate sustainable economic growth. The fascination that people have about the Garden State and our stereotypes is worth cultivating to create financial opportunity. Now if the Governor gets that when it comes to entertainment, how is it possible that he's planning to increase the tax burden for everybody else? Maybe it's as simple as a broken clock (analog clock for my Millennial friends) is right twice a day.

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