It happened. I actually bought an RV. Can't say enough about the incredible service from my new friends at Dylan's RV Center, from the manager David, to the sales expert Jim, and the great staff, Jessica, Rachel and Jeff.

It was clear after meeting the owner Steve that Dylan's is a well run company with people happy to work there. That translated into a great experience for me and my wife as we enter this new world of RVing. Not sure what to expect, but we're excited for the first trip this coming Thursday.

We're going to head south to Florida to see friends over the Memorial Day Weekend. Not sure what to expect with the stops, emptying tanks, keeping a charge for the fridge and handling the truck in traffic. I will check in with you on Facebook Live at 5:55 a.m. on Friday as I do every weekday and update you on the trip!

Got any tips for me?

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