When it rains, it pours. Sometimes literally. On Monday morning, I headed out to the Clark (Union County) parade to join my friend Mayor Sal Bonaccorso. He made the smart call of keeping the parade on time despite the potential for weather. Other local towns surrounding Clark decided to cancel.

The crowd was energized and engaged, the turnout from local youth sports and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts really showed that the next generation in Clark is ready to embrace American greatness and respect for our veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

It was my honor to walk the mile parade route with Mayor Sal and the Clark Republicans as well as address the crowd gathered at the end of the route.

The weather held the entire time. Not so much in Plumsted, where Mayor Cuozzo and his running mate Councilman Mike Hammerstone lead the way through the streets on the mile-and-a-half parade route. About halfway through the parade, the heavens opened and we were soaked.

Bill Spadea in Clark, NJ Memorial Day Weekend
Bill Spadea in Clark, NJ Memorial Day Weekend

What was amazing about the patriotic spirit of the residents and participants is everyone stayed. No umbrellas, nothing to shield the downpour, we all just kept walking, determined to make it through the entire parade route ending at the American Legion for a 21-gun salute and brief presentation to honor the heroes who gave their lives in service to our great nation.

It was exhilarating and meaningful to complete the route, still lined with hundreds of spectators undeterred by the weather.

Hopefully, you were able to spend a small part of the long weekend honoring those who fought and died for the rights of all Americans to live free and enjoy the pursuit of happiness.

Follow me on the trail, click HERE to see the list of events.

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