OK, 50-mile back ups, beach tags and jelly fish. You could easily look at the negative for a lot of things going on in the Garden State. But I prefer to look at the positive and the fact that the Jersey Shore is a place where people want to be.

One of the best places in the Shore area is the town of Red Bank. Rich with history as a port town, great restaurants and the iconic theater, the Basie Center for the Arts.

I took the stage in front of a packed house with some 1,300+ energized people in the audience to host #MakeAmericaItalianAgain with my friend "Jersey's Bad Boy" of comedy, Mike Marino and feature comic, voted the funniest lawyer in Jersey, Jon Branmick. The show was the perfect way to start the holiday weekend.

After the performance, we stayed for about an hour meeting hundreds of fans and talking about the next show! I love Red Bank and look forward to being back at the Basie soon.

In the meantime, our tour of the Jersey Shore continues. Next stop, the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park for the next "Sinatra Meets the Sopranos" show on August 3rd and the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City on August 10th. Check out all of my summer comedy, music and entertainment events on my show page and let me know, what's your favorite shore town?

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