Didn't you know that you were supposed to be offended by the Hank Williams Jr. rebel flag? Shame on you.

You should've known that posting pics from his concerts with the flag of Hank Williams face is akin to supporting the old Confederacy, slavery and just generally insensitive to people of color. One New Jersey Assemblyman walked right into the crosshairs of the hyper-sensitive, fake-offended forces of political correctness when he posted a pic of him and his wife in front of the Hank Williams rebel flag.

Yes, the flag is partially a replica of General Lee's battle flag for the Army of Northern Virginia. And yes it has a big 'ole picture of Hank Williams Jr. plastered front and center. As Parker explained to me on the air this morning, he doesn't know of any confederate soldiers marching into battle under the Hank Williams Jr. flag. The bottom line is that it's one thing to be offended by racists and agitators on both sides of the aisle — yes, both — white supremacists and AntiFa members alike. It's quite another thing to be offended by a flag, especially one that has been around for years held by concert goers to express their super-fan attitude toward a country music star.

Even if you are offended by the flag, there's a little thing about freedom of expression. And just because you are born a certain race doesn't mean you're gonna be in lock step with what the talking heads believe you should think.

No where in the Constitution do you have a right not to be offended. Personally I'm happy that the Assemblyman Parker Space is diggin' in on the issue. It's time to shine a light on the absurdity of anger over concert flags. C'mon. We've got real issues to tackle and it's time for the loudmouth critics who are just looking for something to oppose to simply grow up. I had an in-depth conversation on Chasing News with the president of the NJ African American Chamber of Commerce and Assemblyman Jamel Holley who is black. Both agreed it's time to move on to real issues that impact minority communities.

The issue got to the next level when gubernatorial front-runner, Democrat Phil Murphy called on his opponent Kim Guadagno to ask Parker to apologize. She refused. Move on Phil, New Jersey can't afford to waste more time on nonsense when we have a crisis of taxes, debt, city crime and job creation to manage.

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