Since the breach of the Capitol Building in Washington last week, the mainstream media has been nonstop with its breathless coverage. Most people that were there for the demonstration were not part of the dozens that entered the Capitol Building and were not there to "overthrow" the government. Part of the hyper focus and hysterical coverage, all fueled by irrational hatred of Trump and his supporters, is any future threat to the Republic.

Stories have been circulating on New Jersey media about planned armed mobs descending on Trenton this Sunday January 17th.  People who are part of New Jersey's 2nd Amendment Society and other pro firearms groups have heard nothing of the sort and feel it's the typical media narrative of attacking anyone who owns guns or supports Trump must be an evil imminent threat.

The Democrats and the media have been pushing the same narratives for four years and now they finally have an event to point to drive home their point. During the governor's briefing on Monday, the NJSP Lieutenant Pat Callahan assured everyone that no retired or active NJSP were present at the rally last week in Washington, DC. What if they were, but not a part of the small group that entered the Capitol? Shouldn't they be allowed to express their displeasure about an election they may have felt was stolen or rigged, as long as they didn't commit any crime or violence?

Well of course, but there seems to be a witch hunt going on for anyone who supported President Trump and voiced their concerns. That's more frightening than what we saw last Wednesday in DC., calling just about anyone with a strong opinion that differs from theirs, as domestic terrorists.

The mayor of Trenton, Reed Gusciora, told New12 New Jersey that he is coordinating his police and other law enforcement agencies to ensure Trenton will be on guard for Sunday. Perhaps if they were they concerned about public safety in Trenton this past year, the city would not have broken a record for their city this past year.

No one wants to see political violence or violence of any kind. It's a shame it only gets the laser focused attention of the authorities when it's perceived that a violent threat, imagined or real, is coming from their political opposition. Let's hope any ugly political violence we saw last week and last year is behind us and let's pray the soft tyranny of what's to come, is not worse.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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