Thursday night, #MoreRealisticStateMottos was trending on Twitter. Naturally, I had to see if anyone could beat "Liberty and Prosperity." What were people saying about the great Garden State?

This is what I found:

This was particularly hard to explain during the years of "The Sopranos."

*Eye roll* Clearly this guy did NOT hear NJ101.5's motto.


I respect the dedication to the accent. 10/10.

This one is just oozing with Jersey attitude.

Give us jughandles or give us death!

Short. Sweet. Too the point.

Hey! I found friend of the station and fill-in host, Jeff Edelstein! Another excellent dedication to the accent.

Honestly, I'd be elated if this were our official state motto.

This tweet speaks to me on a deep level. Thank you, @Aunt_Barb_NJ.

Do you have a New Jersey state motto that's more applicable than our current one? Leave it in the comments section below or tweet us @NJ1015!

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