Long Valley Middle School in the Washington Township district is the center of a bitter controversy. Since 2019 the school was hanging rainbow signs to show LGBTQ+ students that they were supported. Now they're coming down.

It seems a contingent of conservative parents has complained and the district cowardly gave in.

Superintendent Peter Turnamian said, "Ultimately, the advice of legal counsel was to have them come down." He said there were concerns about the appearance of favoritism.

John Holly had some really idiotic remarks on the matter. He's recently elected to the school board but not yet installed. "School should be a safe space for all kids, not just some kids," he said.

Rainbow flag and gender lgbt symbol drawn chalk on blackboard
Vladimir Sukhachev

If someone childish enough to think showing support to a group of students historically bullied into a high rate of suicide means a lack of support for other students can be elected to the school board then I would never live in this town. He also stupidly mused as to whether the district would be to blame for obese students harming themselves because the school didn't offer support stickers.

Then he offered this tired cliche. “Is this just a convenient way to push ideology on kids?”

That's right John Holly, anyone trying to support a group of kids so historically picked on and ostracized that they feel like killing themselves must be trying to spread an ideology. An agenda. An indoctrination. They must be trying to turn straight kids gay. What a joke.

We should be embarrassed by every right wing parent in this district who complained about gay students receiving love and understanding. We should be appalled that they took down these rainbow signs.

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