It's certainly not fashionable today to smoke cigarettes. God forbid you light up anywhere near a non-smoker! People around you may tackle you to put out the smoke. At the very least they'll shame you with dirty looks into putting it out. I know, I know ... cancer, second-hand smoke ... yup, memo received. But the reality in our world is everything can be a little dangerous right?

The CDC is actually calling your family a threat as they continue down the irrational path of COVID-craziness. That aside, I'm not saying cigarettes are good for you — clearly, they are harmful to health — but I miss Marlboro or Camel in the morning with my coffee every once in a while. I stopped smoking 20 years ago, mainly because of the smell on my clothes and because we were starting our family and I wanted to pay less for life insurance! Although my podcast co-hosts never smoked, we had quite a discussion on bad habits and how things have changed over the years.

You know there was a time when medical science was used to tell us how certain cigarette brands were safer than others! Peer-reviewed studies can be used to push a narrative regardless of whether it makes sense or not. Take a look at this ad for Chesterfields. Ten months and no adverse effects? C'mon now, smoke 'em if you got 'em!

What's a bad habit you quit that you miss? Smoking, sugar? social media?

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