If you're tired at work everyday, you're not alone. A new survey from Accountemps finds that 74 percent of workers are exhausted either very often or somewhat often. Only 2 percent say they are not.

Workers may not be getting the recommended number of hours of sleep each night, says Accountemps Central Jersey metro market manger Dora Onyschak.

She says people are staying up late, juggling family responsibilities. Many could actually be worried about work, so the brain is working instead of being tired and going to sleep.

She says if you are tired at work, it's going to affect your job performance. It can lead to a lack of focus, procrastination and mistakes. Onyschak says people who are tired at work also tend to have a poorer attitude that can contribute to a negative work environment.

If you're losing sleep because of being overworked, it can also lead to disengagement, a loss of motivation and morale. There is definitely a career impact for those who are tired on the job, adds Onyschak.

She suggests that employees should set clear goals for themselves. During peak productivity hours when you're least tired, she says get important work done in order to meet deadlines.

Onyschak says get up and move around, stretch. Go for a walk and get fresh air to reduce drowsiness. Ask for help. Talk to your manager to help prioritize your tasks. At home, don't bring your laptop or cell phone to bed. That distraction can keep you up longer. To stay generally healthy, eat better foods and hydrate.

For employers, Onyschak says they should be aware of an employee's attitude. It might be a sign of fatigue, so find out why. It could be an employee is overworked, overloaded and overstressed.

Employers should lead by example. She says that means that the leader needs to take breaks, step away from their desks and work normal business hours. They should meet employees to help them manage their workload.

Onyscak says temporary staff is a great way to keep projects moving forward without over burdening the full-time staff.

Employers should also think about implementing flexible schedules or telecommuting so workers are not stressed all the time in traffic, which can lead to fatigue later in the day at the office.

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