Every once in a while, regardless of how many stories I've heard from my friends at Make A Wish NJ, I hear one that gives me the chills and has me a little choked up.

My friend Tom Weatherall, who leads the organization in New Jersey, called into the show and shared an incredible story of two New Jersey boys who had lost both of their parents to HIV/AIDS and were living with HIV themselves. Being raised by their Auntie in Newark in a building with no AC and a broken elevator. When the Wish Team got to the apartment, one of the brothers did not want to make a wish believing that wishes won't come true.

Perhaps the best part of the story was when one of the brothers took his wish and selflessly wished that the apartment could have an air conditioner so their Aunt could get some sleep on the hot humid nights in between her two jobs.

What happened next is one of the reasons that I do whatever I can do to help this incredible organization.

Make-A-Wish NJ is there every day to help kids suffering from terrible diseases. They make the journey a little bit better for the patients and their families.

Tom originally called to discuss the New York Football Giants for their generosity granting wishes going so far this past week to actually make their Day 3 Draft announcements from the wishing castle in Monroe, NJ. Join me in supporting the incredible efforts of Make-A-Wish NJ. Click HERE a look at the events they have coming up.

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