As you know now, my podcast co-host Jessica Gibson is pregnant and expecting a baby girl in just a few months. Being pregnant for the first time presents challenges for sure to the expectant mom and no doubt, during the insanity of what is going on in our area right now makes it that much harder.

Jessica is all smiles though, ready to take this huge next step in her life. Of course, Jay Black had plenty of nearly inappropriate things to say during our latest conversation in the podcast.

And it's no surprise that the conversation turned to COVID and the vaccine, which Jay was eager to push Jessica to take. She's not decided yet, but shared the story of just how many people are pushing her to do it. When did our society become drug pushers and shills for the corporate elites who run big pharma? Seems it was only a few short years ago that the corporate media was blaming big pharma and docs for poisoning a generation of young people and getting them hooked on prescription drugs.

Now that we have a real crisis caused by abusive government through lockdowns and isolation and dehumanizing mandates forcing normal healthy people to cover their faces in public, we see a huge spike in suicides and drug abuse. The saddest part of this is that government, through their apologists and shills in corporate media, have millions convinced that the only way out is through an experimental concoction designed to minimize symptoms of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate for nearly everyone.

Here are some of the articles I sent to Jessica to help her make an informed decision:

Something wrong with NJ trying to 'force' this experimental drug

Why I believe there is no need for the vaccine.

And why I'm a solid NO on taking the vaccine.

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