Republican and Democratic governors across the nation have consistently moved the goal posts when it comes to reversing their unconstitutional lockdown orders. NJ, NY, CA, MA, VT all complicit in the crushing of the middle class and wreaking havoc among working families and small businesses. Not to mention the damage the irresponsible and reckless fearmongering caused a generation of school kids. Kids being taught by so-called experts that they might "kill grandma" if they see their friends. Of course, none of the propaganda about kids being super-spreaders or vulnerable at any level to COVID held up against even then most casual scrutiny.

We were told to save people, we had to destroy our economic livelihoods, stay locked away at home and even wipe down our groceries with Lysol disinfectants. Then came the remote learning and the masking. Give government and big corporate an inch and they'll go for more. Now it's two masks — ya know, for safety. And quarantine for days, weeks, who knows. All designed to keep you scared and fearing that there is some kind of monster virus ready to pounce and eat you alive.

It won't hurt you if you're eating on a plane, though, even if you're packed into the middle seat with strangers. It won't hurt you when sitting at a restaurant table, but watch out for that walk to the restroom — the virus is especially active when ya gotta go. It won't hurt you at a Black Lives Matter protest or a Biden celebration. It's particularly deadly if you're a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, especially if you like Tom Brady. And if you attended a Trump rally, my God, you were taking the biggest risk of all!

Remember "15 Days to stop the spread?" It's Day 322 as of Feb 10. Alabama, Texas, Florida, South Dakota all back in business. Mask mandates being rescinded and no spread. Kids back in school. No spread. Not to mention countries like Japan, South Korea and Sweden never effectively locked down and they have among the lowest deaths when compared to nations and American states (like NJ and NY), which locked down completely.

And the areas which are opened did it without a vaccine. The virus ran a seasonal course, replaced the flu and here we are. How are thinking adults so quick to accept a jab from an experimental concoction for a virus that has a survival rate for most north of 99.8%? Forgetting the potential of side effects, and reported deaths. What about the fact that in nations pushing through and vaccinating a large percentage of the population, and still having "spikes" in cases and hospitalizations?

The bottom line is that from the beginning we were dealing with a flu/cold like virus that was no more deadly than the seasonal flu. The WHO has confirmed what we've been saying since February. Look at the cases surging in states like California, which is still locked down and masked up. Look at the lack of cases and dropping hospitalizations in states like Alabama and Florida, states which are almost completely opened. The fact that death counts were so grossly exaggerated speaks volumes to the conclusion that this was a political play by big corporate/big pharma/big hospitals, name your villain, to get you scared enough to line up for their multi-billion dollar program. For me, I can read what many of the docs and scientists have been saying for months. The virus is not as deadly as the media reports and most will recover if they get sick at all.

As a younger, healthy person there is no need for me to get the jab. Ask yourself before you submit to the endless campaign of fear and guilt trying to get you to vax, why the push? Why not leave the decision to you and your doctor? Why the need to add deaths from clear comorbidities to the death count? Why the masks? Why the continued isolation? And why the suppression of scientific and medical professionals who disagree with the group-think narrative? Think and question the source before you submit to the agenda driven fear and submit to a vaccine that most don't need.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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