The answer in the Spadea household is a resounding NO. But hear me out. I am committed to my "no-mask" policy as my protest to the scam of the government lockdown and absurd non-science behind masks and stay at home orders. Traveling back and forth to New England through the lockdown, I’ve had to get disciplined with restroom breaks. I can make just about any trip without needing to stop. But what if the trip is beyond New England?

Let’s say if my son attends college next year in the Midwest or California. I’m not participating in the mask charade so flying is out. And I love to drive. We did the trip from NJ to Florida in my jeep stopping at Guy Fieri recommended restaurants along the way. My wife Jodi and I once made the trip back to NJ from New Orleans straight through, 24 hours. But on a lengthy trip, ya gotta stop.

So why not bring the kitchen and bathroom along for the ride? You can get a used RV for about the price of a nice car. The rental costs are outrageous right now and it seems to me that I could use it for a few years and then rent it out for income to pay it off. And interest rates are really low right now.

Here’s the problem. My son wants to fly, my wife asked a very good question, “where will you keep it?", and my daughter is a little grossed out by a traveling bathroom. So, I thought I’d ask you, whatta ya think? Should I take the plunge?

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