We've all seen these ads. The "Reach NJ" opioid crisis public relations blitz. Now ex-governor Christie appears in them even though he was one of the least popular governors of all time. Some praise the ads. Others point out such an unpopular governor probably does little to convince heroin addicts to seek help and that his including himself was more about self-promotion. There continues to be a Reach NJ website that prominently features Chris Christie. Asbury Park Press points out the site contains a newsroom page with links to 110 articles or press releases which have Christie's name appearing in the headlines 105 times.

The Christie administration chose to spend $42 million on this campaign. His staff said the ads would stop running when he left office but they continued on radio and television after Christie was no longer governor. Some wonder if that $42 million was doing more good for the ex-governor's image than for heroin addicts.

Now Phil Murphy has a delicate decision to make. He has said his people will review the ad expenditures and decide whether to suspend the commercials. It's a choice that could be fiscally responsible yet risk making him look like he doesn't care about the opioid epidemic or that he pulled the ads for personal reasons having to do with Christie. In the meantime, how do you feel about the ads? Take our poll.

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