How often have you heard from friends who wait tables in NJ complaining about customers? Actually, have you ever met a waiter or waitress who didn't have several stories about customers who were rude, crude and ignorant?

Probably not.

The story about the group who skipped out on a check at a South Jersey diner and then got caught on surveillance video dragging her into their SUV got me thinking about how tough the job is for so many.

We heard from callers all morning about their stories of rude customers, one young kid trying to trip the waitress while she carried trays of food.

Another former restaurant owner who had a waitress place the wrong checkbook on a table, and a customer who grabbed it and fled with $500 in cash. It can be a thankless job for sure.

Think about the fact that your waiter or waitress is just trying to do a job and get paid so they can afford the things they need in life.

What's your story? Are you waiting tables right now? Have customers gotten better or worse after the lockdown?

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