Here in the land of the diner, if you work in one of the hundreds that dot the state…it’s only too often you have those times when you get stiffed out of your tip.

Sucks…especially knowing full well that in some cases you wind up owing money to the diner or restaurant…all for the pleasure of having to be on your feet for up to 12 hours a day…or even worse, a night!

Don’t you wish you could run into someone like this?

It was the dying wish of one guy to leave a $500 tip to a waitress at his local pizzeria.

Aaron Collins died just three days after his July 7 birthday, and his family says his last request was for them to spread some generosity to an unsuspecting stranger.

His brother Seth said, “He asked that we leave an awesome tip for a waiter or waitress.”

Word spread quickly after the family posted Aaron’s wish online, and by July 11 they had raised enough money to make their first gift, which they captured in an emotional video posted to YouTube.

Here’s the video:

Nice surprise…wouldn’t you say?

I’d say.

So as I’m sure you’ve had time…too numerous to mention, that you’ve been stiffed…what was the best tip you’ve ever gotten?

And if you frequent diners and restaurants, what's your customary tip?
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