Lately it seems wherever I go online I see ads for the NJEA looking for lawmakers to act on their behalf. I'm not saying they don't have a point or that their cause isn't just and correct. It just seems curious that at a time when the teachers union is looking to garner support from the public to pressure the legislature to vote their way, that this story pops up.

The story is that a teacher who also works as a waitress at a local seafood market received a $100 tip on a $70 bill and a note from grateful parents written on the bill. It's a great story all the way around. Hard working teacher is acknowledged by appreciative parents and isn't it a shame our teachers have to have second jobs.

There have been a few waitress/tip/note stories over the years that have proven to be false or very suspicious. Maybe that's why the timing of this one has me curious. The NJEA is pushing hard with their ads and spends a lot of money getting their message across. This story illustrates better than any ad how their members need the legislature to act on their behalf. I'm not against teachers or their efforts to gain more financial security. Do what you can to improve your situation. However their union, the NJEA, is the most powerful political force in the state and is almost entirely responsible for our highest-in-the-nation property taxes. They're very strong, very smart and very determined.

Congratulations to the teacher/waitress for her good fortune. Hats off to the grateful parents and kudos to the NJEA for this story happening at this time. It's incredibly good timing for the message the union is trying to get out. It's a feel good story all the way around and puts a big smile on my face. A smile doesn't always mean someone is happy.

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