NEWTON, N.J. (AP) — The legal battle over an accidental shooting at a Wild West theme park in New Jersey that left an actor partially paralyzed has ended with a settlement of nearly $2 million.

The New Jersey Herald  reports the actor, Scott Harris, will get about $323,000. About $1 million will go toward his workers' compensation insurance, and about $530,000 will go to his attorneys.

Wild West City (Facebook)

Harris was shot in the forehead in 2006 during a staged gunfight at Wild West City in Byram, New Jersey. Live ammunition was mistakenly used in the scene.

A juvenile who fired the shot and another man who brought the bullets to the park served probationary sentences.

Arizona Territorial Rangers, a group of western re-enactors who performed at the theme park, will pay $950,000. Cheyenne Corporation, which owns the site where the park is located, will pay $1 million.

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