Opposite side of the political spectrum from me for sure, but Ray Lesniak has never been afraid to take up common cause across the aisle if it meant pursuing a policy to help New Jersey.

Fighting the outrageously high gas tax hike, battling against the colossal waste of hundreds of millions on the state house renovations and helping stop the corrupt Christie book deal. He is also the guy who championed legal sports betting in New Jersey. Although I believe the victory, thanks to the tireless legal and political effort from Senator Lesniak over twelve years, it's only the beginning. It's time for New Jersey to go further and empower small business the way Las Vegas does.

In Vegas you can gamble just about anywhere, diners, stores, the airport, and still the major casino hotels survive and thrive! Same thing can happen in Jersey. Atlantic City would benefit from spreading gaming across the state. Let's face it, it's not doing that well now. Jersey and Vegas share legal gambling. But Vegas is a destination and Jersey is the place people are dying to leave. Let's reverse that trend.

Let's start by opening up sports betting to any establishment that currently holds a liquor license. The government structure is already in place. The bonds and insurance already exist. This could be done with minimal cost to the taxpayers and maximum benefit to local town and state revenue streams. Not to mention the business growth that would come from making every and any sports bar a destination for sports fans and bettors.

Let's make sure that Ray's victory truly is a victory for all New Jerseyans. It's a good first step to restoring liberty and prosperity for working and middle class families and small business.

Get Ray's book HERE and stay tuned for more civil conversations about real solutions with my friend across the aisle.

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