New Jersey U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, you may remember him from his corruption trial over the last couple of years, has a plan to help NJ taxpayers. He's introduced a bill in the Senate that would give relief to people like me that will get hurt by the Trump Administration's new tax laws. This is the first year states with outrageous local taxes will be excluded from writing off much of those outrageous taxes on your federal tax form. So rather than fix the issues of extraordinarily high taxes in New Jersey and three or four other states, leaders in those states point fingers at the feds for not subsidizing their mismanagement and corruption.

If you're like me and will not be able to write off ALL of those obscene local state taxes that you were able to in the past, blame Trenton, not Washington this time. I would love a system where we pay a flat tax or no income tax, ideally. The country survived over 130 years without one, until Woodrow Wilson. Government on the state and national level has grown entirely too big, unresponsive and accountable. But don't be fooled by charlatans like Menendez, the problem here is with OUR state. Most of the other 50 states are benefitting from the tax law changes. AND lots of New Jerseyans have or will be moving to some of them...soon!

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