Senator Cory Booker doesn't want this to be a "nation of tolerance," he said.

Tolerance, he said, sets the bar too low — as he urged people to show each other more love.

The Democrat visited 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Thursday and explained his NJ to LA connections (His mother was raised there). Booker talked about his parents' high standards during his Bergen County childhood, as well as high standards he holds for getting past political parties. You can watch the clip below:

Booker also chatted about advice from former NJ U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, which has led to dinners with Ted Cruz and a friendship with John McCain. He also looked back on the first 'mean tweet' that now-President Donald Trump directed at him while still a candidate.

And he recalled his response, as he once described in an earlier CNN interview.

"I love you, Donald Trump. I don't want you to be my president but I will never let your mean words pull me so low as to hate you. I'll do everything I can to stop you from being president but I will never ever hate you," he said.

The former Newark Mayor shared a challenge for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation:

"If you don't like the climate of this country, if there's too much hate, then generate more love. If there's too much meanness, find more ways to be kind to your fellow Americans. Not just the ones that agree with you, or pray like you or look like you."

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