This time it's all about politics. Senator Bob Menendez was plagued by corruption accusations despite his case ending in a mistrial. His most likely GOP opponent in the fall election is former Celgene Chairman and former U.S. Marine Bob Hugin. And even before the General Election campaign is really underway, he's within FOUR points of the Democratic incumbent U.S. Senator. Almost unheard of in a state when the GOP has failed to elect a single Republican to the U.S. Senate since Clifford Case in 1972.

Bob joined me this morning to discuss his campaign and his hopes for New Jersey. He's #DigginIn with us for sure. He'll be back on again as the campaign continues to heat up. Could history be in the making? It's gotta be frustrating for Menendez to have squandered the built in advantage for Democrats in New Jersey as they outnumber Republicans by about a two to one margin. Yes, we've invited the Senator on the show repeatedly. So far, no response. Is he taking YOUR vote for granted?

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