First of all, why does a state need its own social media account? Especially when all they really do with it is be a little snarky. I digress.

@NJGov has done it again. No it’s not about fomenting discord over pork roll. This time it’s declaring the concept of self-serve gasoline as something daunting. Scary even.

“Dressed up as the scariest thing I could think of this Halloween.” Over a picture of a self-serve gas pump.

Look, I know they’re just having fun. And in the past the majority of New Jerseyans polled did not want self-serve. But I firmly believe as time marched on we have a lot more people who support the idea. Especially after the cold-water-in-the-face realization with the raising of our gas tax that full-serve gas was NOT the reason our gas prices used to be relatively low. And what’s your working definition of “full-serve” anyway? When was the last time you had a gas attendant clean your windshield or offer to check your oil? You’re lucky if they even get off their cell phone call and say a word to you throughout the entire transaction.

Indeed when asked in an poll five years ago if NJ should allow self-serve gas, 73% said yes. Even the NJGCA (the association for gasoline retailers) is now in support of the idea. Most economists have said the price of a gallon of gas would actually drop by a few pennies, not go up. Time is another thing you will save on.

So no New Jersey, self-serve gas is not scary. It’s what the rest of the country is smart enough to do. Here we are stuck in the 1940’s.

Have thoughts about self-serve? Take our poll.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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