Since 2010, Sammy's Hope has supported local animal shelters and cared for animals around Central Jersey.

Sammy's Hope (Facebook)

The non-profit was started by a group of adult volunteers as a way to locate homeless dogs and cats, socialize them, provide for their medical needs, and find them forever homes.

Executive Director Darren Young said many of the animals they come across have not been socialized or had nearly enough enrichment.

"We really work to put together programs that give them that enrichment, help them make connections with people," Young said.

He estimates that Sammy's Hope places between 100-150 animals each year with new families.

"While the animals are with us at the shelter, they get the services and resources they need to make them adoptable," he explained.

Young said that much of the process is cultivated through social media with adopters often beginning their research and first steps through that method.

"Social media is actually really critical to our engagement with our supporters, our adopters, and our volunteers," he said.

They recently announced plans to open the Sammy's Hope Animal Welfare & Adoption Center in Sayreville. The facility is set to open on January 1, 2015.

"We were kind of in transition and working with various other shelters, so we were really looking for something to be a home base for the organization as we grew," Young said.

The Center will be able to house, support and care for up to 12 dogs and 24 cats at any time. It will be open to the public Monday-Friday.

Find out more about this great New Jersey non-profit by visiting the Sammy's Hope website and Facebook page.