Christian Griffith is a man on a mission. He's running 3,000 miles to raise a million dollars for local groups fighting to help kids who are victims of child abuse. I asked him to join me on the air after I interviewed him for Chasing News.

Gotta admit, I may have rolled my eyes when I first heard about yet another "awareness campaign." You know how I feel about the whole 'awareness' thing. However, when I asked Christian about this, he agreed with me right off the bat saying that his efforts were directly focused on action. When I join an effort to raise money, it's critical that the money is going into action to directly help people. Christian's efforts are focused on raising money to directly benefit local organizations who are focused on protecting and helping kids.

He joined me on Wednesday morning, this time from the road while he was running! He's running 30 miles a day for the next 100 days from NYC to California. Each day, he runs 15 miles in the morning and 15 miles at night. And no, the snow didn't stop him today and will not stop him tomorrow. His handler who is accompanying him on the journey (although I suspect in a car) is placing screws in his running shoes to give him better traction on Thursday as parts of New Jersey will have more than a foot of snow.

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