Governor Phil Murphy with two strokes of a pen proved rules no longer matter.

One stroke was giving the right to vote to ex-cons who are out of prison but still not done with their time because they’re on parole. They’re still reporting to a parole officer, still under many restrictions, still have not fully paid their debt to society. Yet they will now have the right to vote, the right to influence the very society they hurt in one way or another enough to have been incarcerated. Voting rights will also be given to people on probation.

Another stroke was allowing people in violation of law by being in our country illegally the right to have a license to drive a car. Us citizens will have to pay more for a Real ID license while illegals will have a different set of documentation standards to acquire their licenses.

Voting rights for criminals and driver licenses for illegal immigrants. So you see, rules mean nothing anymore. Rules have been rendered mere suggestions that you’re probably better off ignoring. And citizenship? That’s for suckers I guess. Because it certainly means less and less these days. Sanctuary state, legal aid dedicated only to illegals to fight their deportations, in-state tuition, no questions asked enrolling in our public schools, financial aid for the undocumented.

Oh, can we now no longer be politically correct and call them undocumented since you’re handing them a government issued document? Can we go back to calling them what they are, illegal immigrants? Or will that become a crime.

After all one of these new laws says giving a license to drive to an illegal is fine but an MVC worker who shares knowledge of any lawbreaking by one of these people with the federal government will be guilty of a crime punishable by years in prison. So it’s not so far fetched.

You see, nothing matters anymore; the rules, the laws, the principals, not even your citizenship. Nothing matters.

This is what New Jersey has become. It’s not the place I grew up in and loved.

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