'Givenor' Murphy says giving driver's licenses to people here illegally is a "no brainer" and his waiting for a bill to come to his desk so he can sign it immediately. Unlike Phil Murphy I know some people who might be here illegally, and they're good people. But they broke the law. We may understand that desperation and the chance for a better life drove them here, but did not come here legally. I'm the grandson of dirt poor immigrants that came here seeking a better future, but they came here legally. And they came at a time when the country sorely needed people to man the factories and fill service jobs. We are not in that situation now. We need to fix our broken immigration system, but not by lawmakers defying current law.

I thought I lost my wallet this week and would have had to jump through hoops to prove who I am just to get a replacement. I've been driving and in the system here in New Jersey with a clean record for decades, and I still would be treated like a potential terrorist if I wanted to replace my license. Try and get a driver's license in any country in the world that you illegally snuck into and see how far you get. It's ridiculous and insulting to all law abiding citizens to allow this and actively promote it as he often likes to say, as "the right thing to do."

Hey Governor, which laws can I break that you'll let me slide on? ​None! If the two parties would start talking with each other and coming up with compromises and solutions we would be able to move forward. Instead we get this pandering, emotionally driven nonsense to assuage his uber wealthy white guilt to broaden his power base. At least one member of the NJ Legislature doesn't think it's a good idea. Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R-Sussex) said, “Doing this would just provide another loophole so some can bypass every protocol we put into place after 9/11 to keep America safe.”

He was right when he said this was a "no brainer". Most of his ideas are no brainers, because they're based solely on emotion with little or no brain activity whatsoever!

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