If you're worried that New Jersey making drivers licenses available to those here illegally will end up with them being able to vote, you're not alone. Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R), who voted against the bill, called into my show on New Jersey 101.5 raising his concerns.

"New Jersey is an opt-out state," Wirth said. "So when you go to get your driver's license, you've got to opt-out of voting. Whether they're going to or whether they get caught up in the system, I think is going to be very difficult to tell whether they're registered voters. A lot of them may be afraid to draw attention by opting out."

When asked if there was some kind of provision not allowing those here illegally to vote, Wirth replied, "It's not black and white the way I interpret it ... and people are very vague on answering it."

Wirth had introduced a bill requiring background checks for driver's license applicants.

"We have to go through a rigorous system of 6 points as a born and raised Jersey resident to get a driver's license, but they have to maybe pull a utility bill out," he said. "It's going to open up to so much fraud."

Not believing what I was hearing, I again asked Assemblyman Wirth if there's any provision for these illegals who get the driver's licenses that says they will not be allowed to vote?

"Not that I can find and they're not really answering the question. They're saying it's not going to happen and they know when other people come overseas that they don't allow them to vote, but with the amount people being processed I don't see how unless they opt-out on their own that they are going to," he said.

Time will tell, says Wirth: "It's a very gray area and a very dangerous area."

It certainly is and we need verification.

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