The crisis of tap water in Newark isn’t just a Newark problem. It’s a crisis for all of us in New Jersey.

Forget for a moment that elite insider pols like Murphy and Baraka took a victory lap patting each other on the back over the results of a preliminary test showing that water filters delivered to residents and flushing taps by running water for several minutes, up to five, showed a decline in lead levels in the water.

Wait. Say that again…you have to have a filter AND flush the water through the tap for five minutes before the water is not poison?!? If you think this is ridiculous and the Gov is declaring a fake victory, you’re not alone.

One courageous leader in the Democratic caucus in the Assembly, Jamel Holley, is standing up to be counted. He’s tired of the headline grabbing, sound bite culture of politics, which accomplishes nothing. He’s leading the charge to make sure bottled water is delivered to residents of Newark and believes that the entire disaster is a form of ‘environmental racism’. Gotta admit he makes a good point that the government is showing real dysfunction when it comes to poor urban areas where a majority of residents are people of color. Is it racism or just the sheer incompetence of government?

Suburban and rural areas tend not to suffer the consequences of bad government as much as urban areas. It’s more economic than racial, but my friend Jamel still makes an important point.

The bottom line is residents who are dependent on government action deserve better than they are getting with the current crop of morally bankrupt fools leading the way in Trenton and Newark. While he’s pushing for a legislative fix, Assemblyman Holley is leading the way to actually help residents. He’s coordinating bottled water drop off and delivery for the residents in Newark. You can help HERE. I want to thank Jamel and the good folks at the Paradise Baptist Church for going beyond political posturing and talking points and stepping up to help people​.

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