Gov. Phil Murphy would sign a bill granting unauthorized immigrants drivers licenses if a bill were to reach his desk, calling it a "no brainer."

Despite licenses being a cornerstone of Murphy's 2017 gubernatorial campaign, the Legislature has not taken action on A4743, which would create two categories of driver's licenses and identification cards, allowing "residents unable to prove lawful presence in U.S. to receive permits and standard driver's licenses or identification cards."

Neither driver's license would allow unauthorized immigrants to vote or access state services, a concern for opponents and skeptics of the proposed law.

Speaking at the Temple Ner Tamid in Bloomfield on Monday night, Murphy said "I'm all in" when asked about the issue.

"I'm incredibly frustrated that I don't have that bill on my desk to sign. It is stalled, I'm not sure I understand why, I can speculate but if you look at the states that have done this it's a no brainer," Murphy said.

Politico New Jersey was first to report about Murphy's comments.

The governor said the battle over the bill is an example of an "us versus them" myth that is "completely wrong that we must collectively break the back of."

Using the Affordable Healthcare Act as an example, Murphy said that society is stronger when everyone can take part in a program.


"Every single state that has done this has safer driving and traffic records than before," Murphy said.

He encouraged supporters of the bill to call their legislators.

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