Not surprising to have a politician saying things that make themselves look good, regardless of what the facts are.

On Tuesday, Governor Christie’s former Chief of Staff, Regina Egea, who now heads up the policy group The Garden State Initiative, joined me to discuss the myth of Murphy’s rhetoric.

The current Governor would have you believe that simply because the unemployment rate in NJ is lower than the national average, everything is fine. It is far from fine. As a matter of fact, New Jersey is performing at the very bottom of the list when it comes to economic growth.

NJ’s economy is lagging far behind the rest of the nation as increases in taxes and regulation have made the business climate in the Garden State impossible for many employers. We discussed the fact that lower taxes create business and investment opportunity, which leads to higher state revenue, is being ignored by the Murphy administration.

As Regina explained, the biggest problem facing New Jersey is our neighbors are seeing explosive economic growth; both Delaware and New York are way ahead of the national average. Policies of taking more out of the hands of producers only to redistribute that money toward policies that will contribute nothing to our economy is dangerous. Free colleges, giveaways to the wealthy elites like George Norcross, all bad policy, which will only drive more taxpayers out of the state further increasing the burden on the middle and working class.

In my ongoing effort to offer solutions to make NJ the most prosperous state in the union and save the evaporating middle class, I discussed my idea of lowering the top tax bracket with Regina. She agreed that the idea has merit.

The bottom line is that NJ should be recruiting millionaires. Lower the taxes at the top end, cut ‘em in half — it would not only attract millionaires and their tax revenue into NJ, but would be a growth opportunity to small businesses filing as individual.

Read Regina’s article HERE. Thankfully we have strong organizations like Garden State Initiative speaking truth about our economic reality.

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