Governor Murphy once again has spearheaded an effort to give away more of our money by boosting welfare payments for the second time in two years. FYI, He doesn’t have a tree in his backyard. He’s taking it from you, claiming that’s it’s a “path to self sufficiency.”

How does giving people money for doing nothing create a path to self sufficiency? When welfare programs were established in the 40s, there was a great need for them. New immigrants to this country had no ties, no family members, and very little social support whether emotional or financial. Poverty meant real poverty— the type where you went to bed at night with annoying pangs of hunger.

Today’s “underprivileged” are different. In some cases, they continue to have multiple children, (why not? It’s lucrative!) find money to spend on luxuries, and live relatively comfortable lives. He claims this is the path to a “fairer” New Jersey. To whom, exactly is this fair? Certainly not the middle class. Stealing from the middle class to give even more to the “poor” is straight-up communism. And, like Robin Hood, it’s a fairy tale. A huge fantasy that Governor Murphy is trying to sell to all of us.

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